I’m Rachel Balducci. I’m a writer and a speaker and I spend my time wondering how keeping my bathroom clean is going to make me a saint.

I think it might.

My husband Paul and I have five sons and one daughter and I love being a domestic goddess. Motherhood does not look like what I thought it would (somehow birthing five sons in a row was never part of my plan), but family life has exceeded my expectations. God dreams bigger than we ever could.

I have a Masters in Journalism from the University of Georgia and in a former life I was a newspaper reporter. Now I’m a columnist for the Southern Cross and a co-host of The Gist on Catholic TV. I’ve also written a book about my adventures with so many sons, How Do You Tuck in a Superhero and my latest book is Make My Life Simple. People keep inviting me to speak at their events, so I keep saying yes.

Testosterhome – The Blog That Started It All

I think my next book should be about laundry.

Or cleaning baseboards. Or both.