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I’m a talker.

I Love to Talk to Women about Life, Family, and Faith

Over the years, I’ve given a lot of talks, both at big venues and small parish halls. Recent presentations include the Midwest Family Conference, Women’s Retreat for the Diocese of Buffalo, Women’s Retreat for the Diocese of Venice, The Edel Gathering, and similar retreats and conferences across the country.
Rachel Balducci is a member of the Catholic Speakers Organization,

Order Brings Peace

Half-Day Workshop for Catholic Women


I have a NEW workshop based around my new book, Make My Life Simple!

The workshop is called “Order Brings Peace.” It’s all about decluttering our lives for practical and spiritual freedom. It’s 40% spiritual stuff, 40% practical ideas, and 20% funny stories about my own struggles to find peace amidst chaos.

Is keeping the laundry caught up as important as spending time in prayer? Does a tidy home really have anything to do with my sanctification?

The answer is…complicated.

Of course God doesn’t judge us based on the cleanliness of our home or our ability to budget and have a weekly menu. But disorder and chaos can hamper our efforts to do what God asks of us.

It can also make life really, really hard.

We can’t say YES to everything, but when we have peace with ourselves, in our homes, and peace with other people, we have the ability to say YES to much more. The less we hold on to, in a practical and spiritual sense, the greater ease we have in moving about our day.

It’s not crazy to want to not be crazy.

I’m a busy woman married to a busy man, and together we have busy children. I know what it means to live a fast-paced life, a life filled with lots and lots of wonderful things.

I also know the importance of streamlining and simplifying so that I can say YES to the things God is asking of me. Doing all the things that come with having a family and being a part of the church really can be peace-filled and fun. We don’t have to feel like we’re falling apart, even in the midst of the frenzy.

Practical and Spiritual

“Order Brings Peace” is a half-day workshop, during which we will focus on ways to find order in our homes, and order in our relationship with the world around us. Most importantly, we will focus on order in our relationship with God, which actually ties in very closely with the first two.

This workshop is equal parts practical and spiritual. The first talk will focus on the importance of practical order, in maintaining order in our homes and in the hours of our days. We will discuss practical tips for handling things like the laundry and menu planning, and thinking through how to juggle a busy calendar without over-committing. There is time for questions and brainstorming and worksheets for pinpointing the areas of struggle, and how to move forward in peace.

The second talk focuses on spiritual order, and how pursuing holiness really will solve all our problems. The more we learn to simplify our personal space, the more energy we have to focus on hearing God. The more we focus on God and hearing his voice, the closer we move to all the freedom God offers us in following Him.

Women will come away from this workshop encouraged and refreshed — and armed with practical tips for managing life with freedom and joy. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by your life. This thing you are doing now is the thing God is asking you to do — and He will give you the tools you need to get the job done!

“St. Augustine describes true peace as tranquility in order, order between God and ourselves, order within ourselves and order in our relationships with others. If we live that threefold order we will have peace, and we will transmit peace to others.” — In Conversation with God, volume 2, by Francis Fernandez.